Zhiguli Valley Technopark, Toyliatti, Russia

  • Client:Government of Samara
    Site area:20 ha
    Timeframe:Masterplan completed May 2010

    Masterplanning of a new Technopark for the Governemnt of Samara with MOLA International. The site is a greenfield site located adjacent to an existing car manufacturing plant on the outskirts of the communist era city of Toyliatti.

    Russia is seeking to diversity its economy from being heavy and extractive industry lead; by promoting knowledge based activity. This site is one of three chosen throughout Russia for a new generation of Technoparks.

    The design team were chosen on the basis of their track record in the design and implementation of similar projects within Ireland.

    The brief was to develop a concept and vision for a new campus style work environment suited to high tech and R+D based activity. The plan developed is highly flexible and adaptable. The concept is built on a landscape structure of garden squares, tree-lined avenues and shelter belts. The grain of the plan is based around robust and rational 1.0 hectare plots that can accommodate a wide range of building types.

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