Woodland Park, Stepaside

  • Client:McGarrell Reilly Group
    Site area:Total development 4.7 ha, Park 0.47 ha approx.
    Timeframe:Planning application Dec 2009

    The landscape interventions for this park are minimal. The intention is to retain the integrity of the cathedral like line of Beech trees. A new layer of Beech tree planting will be undertaken in order to regenerate the tree belt over a long timescale (50years plus). As a rule the floor of the Park is retained in a natural state. The ground surface will be subject to minimal regrading to permit twice yearly mowing. A number of clearings will be made in the Park as informal recreation spaces.

    A network of paths provide routes across and through the park. A loop route encourages use of the park for physical exercise. The park is an environment for play; seating, fitness equipment and some felled tree trunks are features to clamber over. The woodland floor will be a rich and textured; leaves to kickabout, twigs and branches and spring flowers.

    The park is a valuable ecological resource. The mature Beech trees will support roosting birds and insect fauna. Holly bushes will provide cover for smaller birds. The ground flora of the park will reflect the understorery condition and express the seasons; Violets in spring, Cow Parsley and Bluebells in early Summer. The retained sections of stone walls provide a micro-habitat within the park for ferns and mosses.

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