North East Inner City Greening Strategy

The North East Inner City Greening Strategy was initiated by Dublin City Council, working closely with DCC Parks, Biodiversity & Landscape Services and the North East Inner City Area Office; Áit U+L, who were commissioned to work in collaboration with the in-house DCC team, undertook an extensive process of on street analysis and a review of proposed plans and relevant case studies to compile a baseline snapshot of the North East Inner City’s public realm and existing green spaces.

The North East Inner City Greening Strategy report was prepared to identify opportunities to develop and improve streetscapes and open spaces within the area for the benefit of the local communities and visitors alike. It aims to improve the quality of life of local residents through greening enhancements of the physical environment, offering high quality recreational and amenity resources.

The strategy developed a landscape vision with proposals that have a realistic chance of being fulfilled as short, medium and long term projects. Public consultation was a major component of the North East Inner City greening strategy. A series of public workshops were carried out over an extended time period and included interactive and engaging activities which allowed the public to express what they wanted from the strategy. The results from these workshops drove the design process and the strategy intent, this allowed for the fruition of an ambitious project list.

The North East Inner City Greening Strategy presents a vision to re-brand the area, through the refurbishment of existing green spaces, derelict spaces, sports and recreational areas and street tree planting. The core of this vision incorporates sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS), international best practice guidance and biodiversity enhancement.

Since the Greening Strategy’s adoption in 2018, a number of quick turnaround, micro projects have been brought forward by Parks, Biodiversity & Landscape Services, with 15 projects completed in 2019. These projects, identified within the Strategy as short term objectives, include greening interventions on previously hard surfaced street areas such as central median strips and traffic islands. Completed projects have accounted for the installation of over 100 street trees, 200 linear metres of roadside planting and the de-paving of 900sqm of hard surfaces for SuDS interventions, all of which has been well received by the local communities.


Dublin City Council

Project Type

Greening Strategy


Completed  2018

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