Pilot Green Infrastructure Strategies for Local Area Plan

  • Client:Dublin City Council
    Funded by The Heritage Council
    Site area:Georges Quay; 20ha, Naas Rd; 118.5 ha
    Timeframe:Aug - Dec 2011
    Team Members:In collaboration with LOCI, Mary Tubridy & Associates & Compass Informatics

    A pilot project to develop green infrastructure strategies for Local Area Plans. Two contrasting case study areas were chosen, Georges Quay; a high density city centre area and the Naas Road, a low rise industrial complex and residential suburb.

    Level 3 Habitat Maps were prepared in GIS as a baseline for each area. In-house CPD training was provided to the City Council’s; planners architects, engineers and landscape architects.

    A key finding of the George’s Quay strategy has been the use of tree planting trenches as a means of retro fitting traditional streets to absorb stormwater thereby reducing runoff to the drainage pipe network and costly treatment in the treatment plant downstream.

    The Naas Rd strategy proposes uncovering culverted streams and building new communities around a fluvial park system.

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