Passive House at Curraghmore

  • Client:Seán Purcell and family
    Site area:2.7 ha, 6.6 acres
    Timeframe:Granted planning Oct. 2011
    Architect:Seán Purcell
    Wetland Design:Feidhlim Harty

    The Curraghmore project is an exemplar on how to reinhabit the rural landscape without impacting on the local environment.

    The client is replacing an old and damp bungalow with a new passive house standard dwelling. The site directly adjoins a protected raised bog and the site itself is reclaimed peatland.

    Áit developed a site planning strategy whereby the passive house benefits adequately from solar gain whilst the footprint of the development is minimised to a small 800sqm plateau.

    The remainder of the site is retained as horse paddock. Natural regeneration of boundary hedgerows will be encouraged to strenghten wildlife corridor links to the bog.

    A constructed wetland will treat wastewater from the new dwelling.

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