Clondalkin Paper Mills, Pitch and Putt Club

  • Client:CPM Sports and Social Club / RPA
    Site area:2.1 ha
    Budget:€1.4m total, External Works €270,000
    Timeframe:Planning Granted April 2010
    Team Members:In collaboration with Ciaran Ferrie Architects and Sketch Render

    The adopted route for the Metro West light rail-line will pass through the existing pitch and putt course dividing it into two parts. In order to retain 18 playable holes a new clubhouse is to be built north of the proposed light rail line, and linked to the consolidated course via a footbridge spanning the rail-line and river.

    A core strategy of the landscape design is to give the new club house a strong visible presence form the public realm and establish it as a positive landmark in the locality. An enclosed garden space incorporating a Pinetum (collection of Coniferous trees); will allow clubhouse activities to spill outdoors.

    The new clubhouse and rail-line are on the banks of the Camac River; a locally important wildlife corridor and habitat. Great attention is paid in the site planning and landscape design to minimising impacts on the flora and fauna; stormwater runoff will be intercepted and filtered through a Willow planted swale, old stone boundary walls are retained and restored, native trees and shrubs will be planted along the riverbank and exterior lighting is minimised to reduce light spill onto the riverine habitats.

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