City North, Co Meath

  • Client:McGarrell Reilly Group
    Site area:63 ha
    Timeframe:Ongoing, On site

    Provision of ongoing landscape design services for a business campus off the M1 motorway, north of Dublin.

    Services include the review of existing landscape works and tree planting and developing landscape strategies adapted to the site conditions that can be developed in increments. Existing trees have been inspected, some will be replaced and others pruned and transplanted.

    An early conceptual outcome is the application of dense tree clumps as the basic module of landscape structure and space making. The dense clump is robust in the wind exposed setting and will provide shelter and buffering for the campus micro climate.

Fumbally ExchangeILI

Contact Details

Daibhi Mac Domhnaill
Fumbally Exchange,
Fumbally Square,
Dublin 8,

t: 087 7596581